*Skin Analyser

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The Next Generation of Skin Analysis Is Here.

The revolutionary skin diagnostic tool that uses hyperspectral imaging to accurately capture the health of the skin's surface and deeper layers. This comprehensive analysis indicates the skin's condition and concerns such as acne, pigmentation and hydration levels to assist any skin therapist in treatment and product recommendations. 


    • 28 million HD pixel analysis camera
    • 8 Light Spectrum Imaging
    • AI (artificial intelligence) Face Recognition Technology
    • Surface and Deep Skin Layer Analysis
    • 3D Simulation Technology
    • Cloud Computing and Storage
    • Detects 14 Skin Health Concerns
    • Predictive Skin Simulation
    • Previous Visit Comparison Mode
    • Skin Age Reporting
    • QR Code Report for Customer's Records

    Your Investment 

    • Machine Unit
    • Compatible Windows Tablet
    • User Manual
    • Power Cord