Grow Your Beauty Business With a Bread and Butter Service That Boosts Revenue

If you’ve been in the skin care game for a while, you probably already know that the key to running a thriving skin clinic, salon or spa is effectively getting the word out there about your services using strong marketing tactics..

Don’t get me wrong… of course you need to be totally skilled at delivering an amazing customer experience with the services you provide, but when it comes to generating revenue for your business, your unrivaled facial skills can only make you money if you have a steady stream of clients coming through your doors.

According to hair and beauty software company Kitomba, in Australia the average client retention rate for beauty businesses sits at around 40%. With this proportion of clients actually responsible for 67% of all appointments, it goes without saying that regular clients are worth a lot more to a business than one-off clients. 

From a marketing standpoint this means that ensuring you include a few popular, high-repetition beauty services on your skin clinic’s service menu will not only draw new traffic, cultivating repeat visits and increasing your retention KPI, but will also create multiple opportunities for cross-selling to the skin treatment services you may be more passionate about. 

You can learn more about cross-selling in the Skin and Beauty Training Centre blog: Upselling & Cross-Selling: Service Or Disservice?

The Bread And Butter Services That Will Grow Your Beauty Business.

So, what are some bread and butter services that will guarantee higher customer return rates, help grow the skin services within your business and boost revenue?

Spray Tanning

Quick, easy and super cost-effective, Spray Tanning is one of the most popular beauty services in Australia. 

With in-salon spray tanning prices ranging between $30-$40 and the average client rebooking once every one or two weeks at the least; Spray Tanning is not only a profitable stand alone service but will potentially give you multiple opportunities to cross-sell services such as IPL Hair Reduction and LED Light Therapy.

Eyebrow Services

With the current brow obsession showing no signs of waning, offering services such as HD Eyebrows, eyebrow waxing and brow lamination is undoubtedly a smart way to ensure you are opening your business up to a large group of potential customers.

Customers who seek eyebrow services are already primed for investing in services that will enhance their facial features. They care about their appearance and are in general more open to skincare advice and suggestions.

Transitioning these clients to services such as digital Skin Analysis and 6-Step HydraFacials becomes an easy and natural extension of their current beauty requirements.

Eyelash Services

Forecast to reach a staggering 1.6 billion US dollars by 2025, the global lash market is also showing no sign of slowing down and, thanks to on-line training courses such as those offered through the Skin & Beauty Training Centre, training your clinic staff to become certified eyelash technicians is both affordable and convenient. 

Like both spray tanning and eyebrow services, offering eyelash extension or lash lifting services in your clinic or spa offers multiple and repeat opportunities to upsell and cross-sell skin services such as LED Light Therapy, 6-Step HydraFacials and IPL Photorejuvenation.

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