Brisbane Skin Treatments and Rejuvenation

Safer, smarter skin treatments

Getting good skin care does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Medilight services the Brisbane community with a variety of skin treatments ranging from simple but effective diamond-tip microdermabrasion to the latest in photorejuvenation, micro-needling and chemical peels. Using patented elosTM technology, our clinic does skin treatments for spider veins, hyperpigmentation and skin spots (lentigo). We also use combination therapy including skin needling, chemical peels and silicone scar gels to optimize scar healing and get rid of acne scars and active acne. Skin checks are performed by our onsite consultant physiotherapist with a referral if needed. We also perform laser acupuncture for pain and wound healing, trigger point injections and prolotherapy.

Advanced care

Wouldn’t it be nice to visit a clinic that took comprehensive records of your treatment without having to pay dermatologist-grade fees? Medilight records every aspect of your skin treatment that helps us immediately identify if we are on the right track for improving your skin. Your safety and appearance is always our first priority and any advanced skin treatments will be cleared with our consultant physiotherapist so that we can comprehensively document your condition and improvements.

Signs of ageing skin or poor skin health

Skin Rejuvenation


Localised collections of melanin underneath skin with the characteristic appearance of freckles but unevenly distributed and variable in size. Sunspots sit flat with the skin and are thus characterised differently to moles and other pigmented conditions. Both sunspots and freckles respond well to IPL/laser therapy with significant fading generally evident within the first three sessions. Glycolic peels are also used for general skin whitening and may help the appearance of sunspots, although they do not treat this condition specifically.

Angiomas and angiokeratomas

These bumps (papules) form on the surface of the skin with a blood-gorged, reddish colour, sometimes earning them the name of cherry angiomas. The condition is easily treated with IPL/laser therapy, in most cases needing only 1-3 treatments to reduce the condition.

Fine lines and wrinkles

These occur due to the loss of collagen and elastin in your skin, which decrease skin volumes and tensions. Collagen induction therapy with dermarollers, IPL/laser therapy, radiofrequency skin tightening and LED light therapy all have a part to play in combating fine lines and wrinkles. Most research evidence suggests it is much better to treat fine lines and wrinkles to prevent them from turning into deeper furrows, which are much more difficult to treat and tend not to have good clinical outcomes

Skin creases (hyperkinetic)

Caused by repetitive and sustained contractions over time, hyperkinetic skin creases are muscular in origin and often emerge as forehead wrinkles or frown lines, crows feet and smile lines. This is effectively treated with botox injections that decrease muscle activity while still giving you the freedom to express yourself.

Melasma and hyperpigmentation

Patches of pigmented skin that may be hereditary or attributable to various skin conditions. Melasma and hyperpigmentation respond well to IPL and laser therapy – between 5-10 treatments done at weekly intervals are required to break up the pigmentation. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) presents similarly but for slightly different reasons – caution is required when treating this form of pigmentation and your clinician can advise you accordingly.


Reddish splotching or flushing on the skin as a result of blood vessel activity just underneath or on the surface of the skin. Depending on the presentation of rosacea, this condition is partly or wholly treatable with IPL and laser therapy.

Broken capillaries

These spidery dilations of thin blood vessels just under the skin’s surface are commonly seen on the face but also around the legs as a secondary complication to venous issues. Medically known as telangectasia, the condition responds quickly and rapidly to IPL and laser therapy.

Methods of skin treatment

Skin Treatment Costs

Elos™ skin rejuvenationPrices from $35

ElosTM skin rejuvenation uses either lasers or IPL combined with radiofrequency energy to create better results than if you were using only one energy source while having the added benefit of keeping you safer.

Dermaroller collagen induction treatmentPrices from $340

Dermaroller treatments create a series of micropunctures under local anaesthesia in the affected region to stimulate the production of new collagen and remodeling of existing collagen to reduce the appearance of scarring. This is a longer-term treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, with results being seen at roughly two months and requiring approximately four treatments, spaced monthly.

MicrodermabrasionPrices from $80

Microbrasion removes the upper layer of the skin, allowing topical treatment creams to work more effectively within a 12-hour window and allowing the skin to regenerate a new upper layer. Microdermabrasion treatments also help with the appearance of fine scars.

Dermaquest™ skin treatmentPrices from $40

Medilight almost exclusively stocks Dermaquest’s products due to the unusually high concentration of active ingredients that we have found gives our clients better results, faster. We cannot publish prices on our website but are able to order the whole Australian product line.

Everyday Essential Skin Treatments

Things go wrong with your skin every day. Some things seem easy to fix, like scratches, or a bit of sunburn. Sometimes though, marks don’t go away. Redness turns into broken capillaries and sunburn eventually creates wrinkles and sun spots. At Medilight, we want to make it easier for you to fix the small things before they grow big. From just $30 for elosTM skin treatments that incorporate both light and radiofrequency for a deeper, safer procedure, you can start fixing the little problems today and keep your skin looking younger and blemish-free.

Skin spots

The hyperpigmentation that creates these brown skin spots may be located in several different layers of your skin. Hyperpigmentation just underneath the surface of the skin can be treated effectively in 1-2 sessions using lasers, IPL or radiofrequency, but deeper hyperpigmentation may need 3-5 sessions to see a significant reduction or elimination of the skin spot. Brown skin spots enlarge over time so it is best to address isolated cases early before the skin becomes too patchy.


This is a broad category encompassing many skin artifacts such as birthmarks, port wine stains, spider naevi and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Whether through genetics or wear and tear of the skin over time, many people can often pinpoint areas of hyperpigmentation on their body. Birthmarks are a relatively simple case to treat, but hyperpigmentation that is acquired through daily life warrants a closer inspection. Skin treatments for hyperpigmentation tend to use laser or IPL, which can work very effectively at times but may also create significant secondary hyperpigmentation due to the way it destroys the pigment in your skin. Alternatives to laser and IPL treatment are using skin whitening peels or whitening creams, which come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Medilight’s elosTM technology combines both light and laser for safer treatment, which we can use alone or in conjunction with the other treatments to create a smoother, more even appearance, which is especially useful for people with darker skin tones.

Acne and acne scars

Both adult and adolescent acne can be sensitive issues at the best of times. Treating stubborn acne effectively requires several different skin treatments including phototherapy to kill bacteria, salicylic acid to target congestion in the oil glands, silicone scar gel to minimise acne scars from arising, and laser, skin needling or subcision techniques to treat existing scarring. Medilight retails a range of premium products specially designed by Dermaquest for treating acne-prone skin. However, we recommend that you first attempt over-the-counter (OTC) solutions such as benzoyl peroxide 2.5% and acne cleansers containing 1 -3 % acids. If these aren’t working for you, getting a series of clinical skin treatments is the next solution. Dermaquest solutions start from $50 and salicylic acid peels from $99. Skin needling to get rid of acne scars starts from $250 and requires an appointment with our consultant in order to diagnose the extent and type of scarring, first.

Spider veins, angiomas and port wine stains

This broad category also includes all forms of telangiectasia and rosacea. The appearance of broken capillaries and cherry angiomas or red moles on the surface of the skin is a visual annoyance but poses no serious health issues, although spider veins located on the leg may indicate an underlying varicosity or vein issue. In Australia, these conditions appear most commonly as a result of excessive sun exposure. Skin treatment is usually only 1-2 applications of elosTM or conventional laser or IPL which cauterizes or stops surface blood flow. Other skin treatments for superficial flushing may incorporate the use of salicylic peels or electrolysis.

How does skin rejuvenation work?

Skin rejuvenation is a specific form of skin treatment that aims to reverse or slow down the signs of ageing skin. Ageing skin is characterised by lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and scars and other textural abnormalities. Many clinically-proven skin treatments exist for ageing skin including laser or broadband light therapy, radiofrequency skin tightening,  skin needling, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and some high-potency creams and serums.  All of these skin treatments have two main actions in common: 1) they dissolve and disperse clumps skin pigmentation, and 2) stimulate the production of collagen and elastin that give your skin a full, firm feel. Other benefits of these treatments are that they can break down scar tissue, unblock clogged pores and remove broken capillaries.

Skin treatments that target melanin

Brown skin spots and various forms of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation are caused by abnormal clumping of melanin in the skin. Skin treatments with proven effectiveness in targeting melanin are laser, IPL, chemical and antioxidant peels, and microdermabrasion (for very superficial pigmentation).  Creams containing niacinamide and vitamin C have also been shown to have a whitening effect.

Skin treatments that stimulate collagen and elastin

Sagging, wrinkled skin can vary from fine lines to deep creases and are present all over the body, although most skin treatments focus on the face. Skin treatments that are good for stimulating the production of collagen and elastin include radiofrequency devices, skin needling, longer-wavelength lasers, IPL, and, to a lesser extent, cosmetic creams.

Prevention is better than cure

The greatest contributor to ageing skin is our harsh Australian sun. Even though Medilight provides many types of skin treatment for your consideration, we maintain that prevention is always better than cure. Especially when skin treatments are left too late, it is hard to substantially reverse the damage without some form of invasive surgery. And although surgical methods have improved over the years, they still won’t look completely natural. So, do yourself a favour. Next time you want to play in the sun, wear protection. getting a good zinc sunscreen is the best skin treatment for ageing skin without having to use harsh chemicals that don’t even completely protect the topmost layers of your skin.